Bolton Freemasons

Bolton Freemasons, Goulburn Menturia Lodge teaches moral lessons and self-knowledge through participation in a progression of allegorical plays which are learned and performed within each Lodge.

It offers its members an opportunity to know oneself, reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things. It also teaches and practises concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need. Requirements of membership Before someone is even considered an applicant, the following requirements must be met:

What we’re looking for

Freemasonry needs good men, who believe in community, charity, kindness, and morality.  If you are the kind of person who is curious, introspective, and dedicated, then Bolton Freemasons and East Lancs Freemasons might be a good fit (having a good memory doesn’t hurt either).  If you are the kind of person who is judgmental, intolerant of other people, self-absorbed, or generally not a nice fellow, then perhaps Masonry is not for you.

A belief in deity

There are no requirements for what form this belief takes.  Debate about religion or politics, particularly a preference for one form over another, is strictly forbidden inside the lodge.  Masonry exists throughout the world, and welcomes members of all faiths.  However, we cannot accept atheists. If you have no spiritual consideration for the universe in which we live, then Masonry is likely not for you.

No Criminal Record

All Masons undergo a criminal background check, just as if you were applying for a job. Speeding tickets are fine, but anyone without high moral character cannot be a Mason.

Two References

The applicant must have two existing masons (at least one who is a member Goulburn Menturia No.3478 who will vouch for him.  Many applicants approach our lodge who don’t know anyone who is a Mason, and that’s perfectly acceptable. If you’re interested in becoming a Mason, we’ll take the time to get to know you, and you can get to know us by attending one of our public functions.

Cannot Be Suspended or Expelled

If you were a Mason in another lodge, and have been suspended or expelled from that lodge, your petition will be rejected

Male Adult

Applicants must be men of mature age and strict morals.

The application has to lie over for one month before it can be voted on.

During that time, a committee of three or more Freemasons will meet with the applicant, verify his information, and try to get to know him more.  At the end of the month, the committee reports their findings to the Lodge and the applicant is balloted for.

Any two masons may vote against the candidate for any reason.  If this happens, the petition is rejected. A favourable vote means that the applicant is now a candidate.  Candidates for Freemasonry will be scheduled for initiation as a 1st Degree Freemason shortly thereafter.

What You Get Out of Freemasonry

The kind of experience you can gain from Bolton Freemasons is you get out of it what you put in. Some people join the lodge, and enjoy the fellowship. Others like the ceremony of the degrees. Some enjoy the rewards of giving and helping other people through the work of our charities. Regardless, the opportunity exists to have a richer life experience. To gain a new perspective about our world and the meaning behind it. If you’ve come this far and still want to pursue membership in the sublime degree of Masonry, then feel free to contact us.

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