Bolton University Freemasons Lodge for Undergraduates, Graduates and Staff

The Bolton University Freemasons Lodge is known as Goulburn Menturia Lodge, We aim to give university students, undergraduates, postgraduates and staff the opportunity to become Freemasons in an environment that is accommodating of University life.

Tradition and continuity are two of the values which characterise the relationship between Freemasonry and universities. It was nearly 200 years ago that the first university Lodge, Apollo University Lodge, was founded at Oxford, with Isaac Newton University Lodge following soon afterwards at Cambridge. Since then many thousands of young men have been introduced to Freemasonry throughUniversity Lodges.

We are proud to participate in the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Scheme.  The hall is close to the University of Bolton; students who are living in Bolton and attending other universities may find us more convenient. Undergraduates must be 18 years old and must believe in a Supreme Being.

The value of Freemasonry is to help students develop as individuals, meet new friends from all walks of life, some who will offer their experience, expertise and mentor students in both career and life skills.

Networking with other University Lodges to both place and receive Freemasons, enabling them to continue to follow their Masonic career as they follow their working career to different locations.

The Universities’ Scheme was introduced in 2005 with an objective ‘To establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to enjoy Freemasonry” as Oxford and Cambridge have done for nearly 200 years.

How do I Become a Freemason and a member of the Bolton University Lodge?

You might think that to become a Freemason is quite difficult. It’s actually straightforward.

You do not have to be invited, If you wish to become a Freemason and join the Bolton University Lodge then simply contact us.

Our Lodge Secretary, will be in touch to arrange a meeting with you to:

  • Answer any further questions you may have about Freemasonry
  • Discuss the procedure of joining the Lodge

Why become a Freemason?

Every Freemason has his own reason for joining.  For many, Freemasonry acts as a ‘constant’, providing them with a unique combination of friendship, belonging and structure, with many Freemasons saying they have made valuable lifelong friendships. Above all and for most, Freemasonry is simply an enjoyable hobby.

Goulburn Menturia, The Bolton University Lodge members are made up from many trades, professions, religions, ethnic backgrounds and ages.

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